Do I have a Case for a Mirena Lawsuit?

3 responses to “Do I have a Case for a Mirena Lawsuit?”

  1. elizabeth says:

    i just found out my mirena is really out of place and i’ve had several infections and some of these side effects before but i did not know it was due to that i dont know if i need surgery to remove it or whats going to happen the dr i usually go to is always packed what should i doo

  2. Krista B. says:

    Not sure if I have a case but I had quite a few ovarian cysts with abdominal pain that I went to my obgyn for. Decided I was tired of the ovarian cysts an abdominal pain so I went for them to take it out and they couldn’t get it. I needed surgery. Should I be left to foot the bill for the surgery or should it be covered ?

  3. maria e. says:

    I recently went to the dr for heavily bleeding and cramping, back pain ,dr.couldnt find the mirena i have an appointment for a ultrasound to see where it is she also said that my uterus was swollen….

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