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  1. I am writing to see if there is something I would be entitled too. I was having extreme abdominal pains around 10pm on thursday April 25th and at 3:30am I went to the ER at St.Lukes in Lees Summit MO. They did a Ct Scan and an Ultrasound of my abdoman. They then called an OBGYN to come and see me. The doctors said that it looked as if the Mirena had perferated my uterus and that it had shifted out of place. The OBGYN told me my options were to have laproscoptic surgery and determine for certain that the IUD had indeed perferated with the chance of something hapening during surgery or to just remove it vaginaly. I chose option number two with the possiblilty of having to stay in the hospital to be monitored. She removed it and the pain never disappeared however being on the strong pain medicine they gave me it did help ease the pain. However the pain increased to my lower back as well. I left the ER shortly later with antibiotic and pain pills. I have since then been bed bound due to trouble walking from pain as well as lower back pain and now my inner thighs are sore and feel swollen. I have been irritable and moody as well as depressed a great deal and not sure why. Please tell me what I can do?