Mirena IUD FAQ's

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  1. Samantha B. says:

    I have the mirena Bennett trying to have it removed for over a year now. And everytime I’ve been told they can’t find it. I was just recently sent to have an ultrasound done to find it. And was told it was in my uterus completely. I have had pain and bleeding and weight gain. Another appointment on Wednesday to find out if I need surgery. Is there anything I can do?

  2. Kayla S. says:

    I am currently pregnant with the mirena in place.

  3. Jacqueline D. says:

    My mirena did a complete 180° inside of my uterus n the arms went through the walls and had to be surgically removed

  4. Michael S. says:

    Wife has been in severe pain for months.Bleeding for months. Not sleeping not eating. Is requiring surgery soon. Doctor told us she will need a hysterectomy. Alienation of affection caused by pain and discomfort and suffering.

  5. lyza d. says:

    I had my mirena placed and the 3 weeks later had an ovarian cyst rupture. Then it was cyst after cyst they kept rupturing. I keep going back to my doctor and they say that they dont think it o s my iud that’s causing the cysts. I say they are wrong. My head always hurts and so doea my back and breasts. My stomach is always bloated and painful . Please help

  6. Charon A. says:

    Before the Mirena I had 2 full term healthy pregnancy. I had the Mirena removed and about4 months later I became pregnant. I had many complications with this pregnancy. My daughter was born at 26 weeks and spent 3 months in the NICU. I became pregnant again, this time with twins I again had the same problems. I lost my twins at 20 weeks. After I went home I later found out the doctors did not do a DNC I became very sick. I had emergency surgery and spent another week in the hospital. I tried to become pregnant again and this time it was successful with a lot of medical help, estrogen shots every week that also came with a lot of side effects this pregnancy made it to 31 weeks.

  7. Christi R. says:

    I believe mirena made mw infertile from my mirena. Please call or email me.

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