404 Is Your Mirena Out of Place? Get to know the signs and symptoms

Mirena Out Of Place

Mirena out of place may result in serious complications.

An out of place Mirena IUD can lead to serious complications.

An alarming number of women who have received the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) claim that they have experienced severe complications; most notably, plaintiffs allege that these problems first originated when they realized that the Mirena had migrated out of its original insertion point and the patients could no longer locate the strings attached to the device. The device is implanted into the patient’s uterus and secretes a hormone to prevent pregnancy for three to five years. The Mirena IUD is typically used in women who have had at least one child or in those who are suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding

Is Your Mirena Out of Place?

While the migration of the Mirena IUD may cause serious internal injuries, most women may not be aware that the device has shifted position until the damage is done. According to Planned Parenthood, many medical professionals recommend patients schedule a follow-up examination to ensure and confirm the correct position of the device. Additionally, women are encouraged to check the guide strings attached to the device; if they cannot be felt or found, then it may be safe to assume the Mirena is out of place.

Bayer acknowledges that when a physician implants the Mirena, guide strings are left out of the cervix; this allows patients to check the strings and surgeons to easily find and remove the device if necessary. It is the presence of these strings that is a good sign the Mirena is in its proper position. However, if you cannot locate the strings or are experiencing other complications, it may be because the Mirena is out of place and may have punctured the uterus or other nearby organs.

Symptoms of Mirena Migration

According to MayoClinic, other signs that the IUD may have shifted include severe abdominal pain, cramping, menstrual changes, unexplained infection and unusual bleeding. Those who believe that the device has become displaced should seek a healthcare professional and request an imaging scan to confirm the position of the IUD.

Some plaintiffs allege that doctors searched for the device but were unable to locate it, even with scans. This often occurs when physicians attempt to see the device where it should be, not where it may be due to shifting; in these instances, the device has migrated so far away that physicians don’t think to look.

Physicians maintain that if the Mirena IUD happened to pierce the wall of the uterus, the IUD could potentially travel anywhere inside the abdominal cavity, resulting in serious complications, severe damage and the need for a surgery to remove the device.

The hormone in the Mirena, a synthetic form of progestin, alters the lining in the uterus to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Admistration (FDA), if the Mirena is displaced, the woman is at a greater risk of developing an ecotopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy developing outside of the uterus, sepsis and ovarian cysts.

Have You Been Injured by the Mirena IUD?

If you or someone you love are suffering from heavy bleeding, pain, headaches, dizziness or unexplained infections and you believe it is due to an out of place Mirena device, contact our lawyers at 1-888-990-2869 or fill out the form on this page. We will provide you with a free and confidential case evaluation and work with you to determine your eligibility in filing a Mirena IUD lawsuit. We will do everything we can to make sure you are fully compensated for your pain, any loss of income you may have incurred or medical bills for medicines and future surgeries to remove the device.


  1. kayla07-07-2016

    I’ve had the mirena for 3 and a half years about 2 weeks ago I noticed my strings were gone when it was inserted she accidentally cut them too short but in 3 years they’ve never dissapeared. Since then I have loss of appetite nausea bleeding after intercourse sporadically and major change in mood. Today I noticed 2 small clots and light pink blood in my discharge once again. I’ve stopped having sex so I know that that is not the cause and I took a pregnancy test a week ago. I don’t have abdominal pain bit when I was sexually active I would get really dizzy and lower back pain. Anybody have anything like this with there experience with mirena. I have a Dr appointment set up but they can’t get me in till next week.

  2. Jessica M.04-17-2016

    I have mirena right now and I have had it for about 2 years. This is the first time I have had bleeding and lower back pain. I every once in awhile get cramps but this time it’s every day. I am a little bit scared and I don’t know what to do.

    • Emily07-07-2016

      Get yours checked ASAP! I just had mine removed yesterday due to it had shifted and turned all the way around inside my uterus.What led me to go to the doctor was sudden bleeding,cramps,abdominal pain and back pain.I had mine out in on August 21,2012 and it was due out on August 21,2017 , I will be getting a hysterectomy next month but I wonder if it has done any damage inside and how long it had been like that.My OBGYN had never seen anything like it

  3. Ashleigh02-08-2016

    I had my mirena put in a few days ago and i keep getting stabbing pains in my lower abdomen or a sharp pain that feels hot. It comes and goes depending how much I do or if i move to quickly it may suddenly appear. Is this normal?

  4. Mae02-05-2016

    Ok.. So this is my 2nd time having mirena and ir was always normal for me to feel the tip of the mirena, i was able to feel ever since i got the 2nd one inserted about 2 and a half weeks ago.. I noticed today i wasnt able to feel the tip AND only the strings i could feel which is odd for me and the pain that i have is stronger then when i got inserted. i am a bit concerned that it has moves out of place and i am not sure if i should go to the E.R tonight or wait until i can get an appointment scheduled.

  5. Shelly H02-03-2016

    I have had my Mirena IUD since Sept 2011. For two months I have been cramping and my breasts keep getting really big two cups bigger it does this once a week I have also gained 20 pounds in two months. Is my IUD wearing off?

  6. Eima P.09-24-2015

    I have been feeling like I have throw up for the past two months. I have sever headaches. I now have sinusis which I have never had before. I cant sleep at night, and fall asleep all day. Uncontrollable drowsiness. Ive gained thirty lbs. in the last four months. I am leaking mocus like crazy. I have thinning of my haing, and I now have acne. Ive never had acne. My boobs are bryond the definition of bring sore. I also cant fit any of my shoes. It feels like im pregnant without being pregnant.

    • Amber05-22-2016

      Hey I’m experiencing this exact same symptoms. Did you happen to find out what was going on, or if the hormones were the cause ?

  7. brittany b.08-30-2015

    hi I just recently had my merana put in last Friday yesterday I could not see my strings nor could I feel them could this mean it came out of place when I eat I have to stop cause I start feeling sick an ran down

    • Hannah01-30-2016

      The string tucks around the cervix so its hard to find or feel you can get you spouse to check and see if he feela the sting and if he feels is tucked or way up there then your good.

  8. daniella08-03-2015

    I had mirena placed in after my miscarriage at 4 months of my pregnancy, July of 2014. It was painful and I bled heavy for a month after it was placed. I’ve had sexual intercourse eight times and the past few months I’ve had serve migraines. I’ve been dizzy way too often, I’ve been thinking maybe I have a brain tumor but now that I’mseeingthis I’m experiencing every symptom. I get painful cycles now, I’m actually in cycle pain now that’s why I decided to look it up. I bleed randomly which I didn’t realize it until now BC I thought it was just the mirena but I now realize that I bleed randomly for a day or over night or for two days. I would like to receive a call. I will make an OB appointment at a different office but I wouldlikesome tips and advice on what I should say and do. What I should allow and what I shouldn’t. Thank you

  9. Meranda07-07-2015

    If you are having all the
    symptoms , but the bleeding Is it still possible that my IUD has moved?

  10. Valicity06-08-2015

    Went to the doctors a few weeks ago due to abdominal pain and they couldn’t locate my strings we have done 3 different attempts to remove the Mirena vaginally with no luck my doctor is scheduling a surgical removal of the IUD I’ve also get bv once every 2-3 months since I’ve been on this and had chlamydia with no sexual partner am I eligible for a claim

  11. Laura G.06-05-2015

    After multiple attempts at my gynos office we were in successful in finding my iud. I had a D&C and hysteroscopy and they could not locate the iud. Now I am going in for laproscopy surgery to attempt retrieval.

  12. Sheena c.05-19-2015

    Had mirena put In on a monday. Heavy bleeding and pain. Waited 2 days before contacting doctors. Still heavy bleeding and pain. I was sick to stomach and missed 2 days of work. Was told that I had a virus and period. Went back to work. Still heavy bleeding and pain. Contacted them again. Doctor never got back with me. Weekend of not doing much, due to pain. Monday, started to slack off of bleeding. Day 8, contacted them with “pain and still bleeding, I hate the mirena” they called me instantly. Dr felt strings and was hisitant to give me an ultrasound but did. Confirmed not In proper location. It was in the bottom of the cervix. Took her 2 times to pull it out cause it was stuck. Now let with pain

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