Over 3,000 Mirena IUD Lawsuits Filed over Migration and Pseudotumor Cerebri


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  1. LesterLobia says:

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  2. Jared L. says:


    My soon-to-be ex-wife had the Mirena IUD installed shortly after the birth of our youngest child in 2010. Then she suffered from a few years of the following symptoms:

    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    Abdominal Pain
    Ovarian Cysts
    Intestinal Obstructions

    She swore up and down that it was all probably a result of the Mirena, but the doctors wouldn’t listen. They would prescribe her pain medication. Eventually she got addicted to the pain medication, and then she would injure herself, sometimes in front of the children, just to get more pain medication. Further down the road, she sought out a psychiatrist who then prescribed her the following medications to combat the resulting depression caused by the intense and constant pain:


    Over a period of less than 3 years, she went from being an active, happy, effective person, to being a depressed monster. She became an alcoholic, she would mix all of her medications with alcohol to create a cocktail that in her now warped mind would combat the pain and sadness that she was going through. She would stay up all night and sleep through the morning and afternoon, neglecting our children while I was at work.

    Later I found out just how warped she became. I won’t go into great detail, but she is now serving 22 years in Federal Prison because of the heinous acts she committed against the children.

    This was very painful to share. She doesn’t deserve mercy for what she did, nor should Bayer be held liable for her decisions, but I have reason to believe that the Mirena IUD was the beginning of the end of my wife as I knew her.

    I am sad and angry. My children are sad and angry. I don’t believe in compensation, but I don’t think the Mirena should be made available to anyone ever again.

    Thank you for your time.

    Jared L.

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